Jan. 29th, 2020

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While I am at it and have time to post more in my journal, I guess I'll make this post
From now on please comment here for those who want me to add you back ^^

The Rules for all videos I share are simple

❎ Do NOT re-share/ re-upload/ re-post the download link anywhere else especially in public spaces

📌 Post contain videos will be lock more or less 30days since the date I post in my journal unless stated otherwise
📌 Post contain information, schedule and my random spazz will be always open
📌 I am not regular uploader, I will upload or share video that I watch or interested in it
📌 I won't upload video that have their own regular uploader
📌 You can ask/request video if no one share it before, I'll try my best to help you search for it
📌 Feel free to add me but if you want me to add you back please comment here
(simple introduction is fine, I just want to know who I am adding)
📌 I am not doing automatic add back, so if you don't comment here I won't add you back
📌 Feel free to use the raw video I share for subbing purpose, but please inform me after you done or before/after posting in your community/journal
(I just want to know who is subbing and if there is more than one person/team want to use the raw I share, I can inform them too, in case they don't want to have clash project)
📌 The last but not least enjoy your stay here and let's be friend ^^
📌 If you are coming from LJ if we are mutual please mention your LJ name  in case I can't directly identify you 



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