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Hey hello~~
I am back again with karaoke video ^^v
This time I make karaoke sub for Hikaru no shizuku PV and News's Touch performance at Mste (15.01.2016)
I will also make karaoke video for Touch PV, but since it's far from done I thought I'll upload this first ^^

boku wa boku no mama~~ )
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I am here again with another karaoke videos ^^)/
Like I said before I want to release this before end of the year, but a lot of things happened and my converter program betraying me ;__; so yeah~ finally it's here ^^v

sunday, monday, tuesday.... )

Actually I want to make karaoke for JCD performance too for NEWS but since I see a lot of communities already release their sub video full performance of JCD, I don't think I need make another one ^^v

NEWS will appear at Music Station 15th January 2016, so far They will sing Touch
as I said before NEWS will be guesting for the 3rd time in KAT-TUN SCP and apparently based on KAT-TUN's Nakamaru J-web they will be doing NEW YEAR Sport Festival!!
I can't wait for this!!
and today is the premier of PINK and GREY! and tonight Shige's drama will start airing (hope someone sub the drama)
Btw, who's already watch Touch CM??
I can spazz all night with this cutesy of the CM!! www
My favorite scene are.... I don't know!!! I love all the scene but maybe massu and kei-chan will rank on the top...www (sorry shige&tego)
How about you guys? What's your favorite scene?? and have you see NEWS coordi-ing an outfit at nissen page? What's your favorite coordi?
My favorite cordi once again 1st Massu and 2nd Koyama since shige's and tego's coordi is too girly for me and I love denim skirt so yeah ^^
if you haven't watch it, go go click Nissen page
2016 NEWS start really with FULL SWING!!
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Hello ^^
as promised here is the karaoke sub for News performance at Best Artist
well in the end I need to cut the talk >< gomengomen ^^v
I left the end part where NEWS and V6 have little cute interaction tho xD

caps if you curious w/ the effect I use )
Bravo we go, Ike Amigo... )

I use kfx this time please let me know how is it xD
comment/feedback are really appreciated ^^
this post will stay open if you follow those simple rules ^^

Tegoshi and Kei-chan will give you a kiss if you not foget about the rules ~~
kiss from tegonyan )

or do you choose shige and massu instead? )
here a message from massu ^^ )
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This is me again...
actually I have been practicing timing video and this is one of my project!
yes I made karaoke sub for News performance at Music Fair \(^-^)/
(since I see not many NEWS performance is subbed so I am doing this for the starter xD)
well since this is my first time, there is no fancy effect tho >< I am still experimenting ^^v
this is also first time I share my work so comment/ feedback / critics I do really appreciate it but please be nice ^^v

somewhat embarassing, but douzo... )

I put the wrong year on the video so don't be shock, it's their lattest performance! you are not downloading a wrong video ^^
(I realize it when it's already uploaded >< sorry) so please fix the year after you download it ^^

P.S.S :
for their english lyrics (like we are the knight / one for all or for one/ etc) I am not putting it on the video since the original already have lyrics on it hihi ^^v

P.S.S.S :
ah and I am thinking about making karaoke sub for their performance in Best Artist too but the RAW that I have, there is a little talk before they are performing so yeah since I am too lazy to cut it again, I am looking for some one who can help me translate it >< since I only understand what they basically said not precisely per word and I never translating anything (of course all the credit goes to you)
if you are interesting please let me know xD


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