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I have download this for a long time but have no time to watch TT__TT
finally~~ I am done!!

I am a biggest fans of suspense and mystery drama so I have fun watching this.
(Spoiler Alert !!)

If you don't know this drama, this drama is about a seems perfectly fine family being harassed by some stranger just because the oldest son Kurata Kenta (Aiba Masaki) warned people in subway for cutting a line.
(Omg! it's totally creepy if someone holding grudge to you just because you warned them for cutting a line right?)
The harassment start right after the incident, the guy who being warned by Kenta is following him to his house (creepy level :maximum). of course being coward Kenta he run with all his might till he lost the stranger, but little did he knows he actually follow him and begin the harrasment by taking out Kenta mom's flower then day by day the family begin to receive many kind of harrasment...

Well, the interesting part of this story is we don't know who is the Nameless-san (Kenta's family decide to call the stalker by this name) so while watching this we end up doubting every person that suspicious around this family  starting from the second child (Nana)'s ex-bf, sensei & friend from Kenta's mother in ceramic class, untill the father's coworker that seems holding grudge to him because his father trying to expose the eblezzment case that he did or even the journalist girl that helping Kenta finding the Nameless-san

Since I don't want to spoil you anymore to the detail, I'll just share about the good and the bad of this drama
what I like from this drama is first the character development especially Kenta, from a coward, awkward, shy boy to the Hero of the family!!
for me Aiba really did a great job in bringing the emotion from coward Kenta to the brave Kenta. He succeed in showing how Kenta really are the one who work hard to protect this family and encourage the family to be brave.
the suspicious people around them also bring another thrill for me.
(btw I got correct answer in guessing the nameless-san, so now I feel

This drama also thought me some lessons
1. Everybody can be Nameless-san!
Human always have a bad side. Their bad side can be trigger by anything like : jealousy, envy, obsession, anger, and avange.
2. Family is in the end the one who always stand behind you
yep! Family is everything! eventhou you face a lot of difficulties like Kenta's father and ebrassement like Nana's problem in the end your family is the one who know you the best. Family is also the one who can give you the warmness from the tiring everyday life (omg, I am so...LOL)
3. People change
from the bad to the good or vice versa. You can be Kenta, from coward to brave or you can be the Nameless-san the fine person to harraser

well, actually there is only a few things that make me like "eeh??" face (LOL) and make me "arghh this person!"
the father coworker from the other department (omg! I hate this person, he make me feel bad for Kenta's father ><)
the true person of Nameless-san (I don't want to spoil this but...) seriously I feel a bit betrayed from the person but well thanks to him Kenta can be a better person, so yeah...

Anyway Aiba is really suit playing at mystery drama from mikeneko to this, I love it...
Welll, 9/10 star for this Drama!!
Can't wait to see other Drama from Arashi's member XD

btw any good drama for this season, please give me reccomendation!! *wink* *wink*
any words? comment away~~

credit pic : wiki d-addict


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