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These are Massu's characters collection from Chara Parade
(listed base on air date, including link to download post)

This post will stay OPEN , but some of the download links are f-locked
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Hey ho~~
I am here again sharing Sore Dame! with Massu as the studio guest
No kasumasu segment in this episode /too bad/

there is no update in the usual source I usually download this
so this version has slightly lower quality but it still in 720p ^^
I hope you guys don't mind xD
as usual locked in 30days
next Sore Dame episode with Massu is at 11/09
P.S : Chara Parade updated with 720p file ^^

Sore Maru! )
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I don't know if many of you know it already.
Starting this October Chara Parade is the new regular show for Massu
Well this show is actually not new to Massu since he come as panelist for several times already (or I think it's almost every week already) and Massu also joined them in FNS 27Hr Terebi
Chara Parade is airing every Saturday 7PM JST at Fuji TV

Uta ga jouzu na yakiimoya-san )

I don't know how the arrangement will be, but this might mean Massu will have more collabo with other team too and he might also play as other character

pic © sai_wonder

Massu's Chara Profile [more HERE]
Name  : Makko-Chan
Profession  : Sweet Potato Seller
Address  : Kyoto
Age  : 30 years old
• Admire yakiimoya's song (sweet potato song), volunteered as an apprentice
• Sometimes being said looks like NEWS's Masuda-kun, but a complete stranger to Masuda-kun
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THE 3rd Generation MC for Shokura Premium after KAT-TUN is NEWS!!!

(and KAT-TUN Otsukare!! Thank you for your hard work!! Let's meet again soon and doing that collabo again with NEWS x'D)

This year becoming really a good year, NEWS is everywhere
I am so Happy and Proud with NEWS\(^.^)/
and another regular
is for KOYASHIGE!!

yesss...News na Futari becoming a regular show for KOYASHIGE!!
KOYASHIGE too Congratulations

It's really a N.ew E.ra W.ill S.tart!!

Shokura Premium SP - NEWS complete guide will air 22/3 7.30 JST

picture cr miodooon
Shokura Premium 1st Episode will air 20/4 8.00 JST (Guest : Hey! Say! JUMP)
all broadcast at NHK BS Premium

picture credit mass0704_

for News na Futari will air 22/4 at 00.50 JST at TBS


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This is just a quick update


Finally after 5-6 years (?) of Soukon, we will have NEWS in regular show!!
Yes, Weird Lab (Henna Labo) will be NEWS regular show!!
Weird lab will start airing 7th April 2016 (0.59 AM JST) at NTV

We already familiar with this show actually x'D so I am glad that NTV decided to give this show to NEWS
for now it will be broadcast only in KANTO area, but I see JP fans are trying to contacting some broadcast company (maybe the one affiliated w/ NTV since I don't really know how broadcasting company work in japan) outside Kanto so this show can be shown nationally (well I can't do anything to help, but hope JP fans succes in this project)
as Our Koya leader said, in 2016 NEWS will do a lot of things... so let's keep supporting our boys!!

For official page go HERE
Follow Weird Lab official twitter below

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I am here again with BIG NEWS from NEWS...www
okay so today JE announce the release of NEWS 7th ALBUM with the title "QUARTETTO"
release date : 9th March 2016
well although I expect it since the release of tour date but well this kind of things still make me shocked!! and happy of course
they put songs in previous singles and some new songs
and of course SOLO song that will be annonce later ^^
details under the cut ^^


another additional info
I forgot whether I have put this or not,
for those who interested in having the parka NEWS has been endorsed for Nissen,
now Nissen put it on their international site so for us international fans can also buy it too ^^
go here for ordering 
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I am back again
as I promised before here the sub for Touch PV...
I am not so busy so I just upload this right now~~
kimi ni fure touch~~ )
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Hey hello~~
I am back again with karaoke video ^^v
This time I make karaoke sub for Hikaru no shizuku PV and News's Touch performance at Mste (15.01.2016)
I will also make karaoke video for Touch PV, but since it's far from done I thought I'll upload this first ^^

boku wa boku no mama~~ )
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I am back again posting about what's up  to NEWS my precious boys ^^
since today is the release date xD
first Congrats NEWS for today release Hikari no Shizuku/Touch!!
(Sorry for heavy media embedded, might take a while to load)

like finger love~~~ )
and as everybody already know NEWS 2016 LIVE TOUR will be starting this MARCH!! (YEAY \\(^^)//)
here are the schedule for their live tour~~
oh btw I don't know if NEWS will use that face recognized system for ticketing (like subaru's or Arashi's Live), but in J-net there isn't anything mentioning about this so yeah no need to worry for now ^^

  • Sapporro (Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena) - 26-27/3

  • Osaka (Osaka-jo Hall) - 1-2/4

  • Shizuoka (Ecopana Arena) - 9-10/4

  • Fukuoka (Marine Messe Fukuoka ) - 29-30/4

  • Nagoya (Nippongaishi Sports Plaza Gaishi Hall) - 7-8/5

  • Miyagi (Sekisui Heim Super Arena) - 14-15/5

  • Hiroshima Green Arena - 28-29/5

  • Tokyo Dome - 11-12/6

well I talked a lot!! hahaa hmmm...
see you in next post soon (maybe) ^^
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I am here again with another karaoke videos ^^)/
Like I said before I want to release this before end of the year, but a lot of things happened and my converter program betraying me ;__; so yeah~ finally it's here ^^v

sunday, monday, tuesday.... )

Actually I want to make karaoke for JCD performance too for NEWS but since I see a lot of communities already release their sub video full performance of JCD, I don't think I need make another one ^^v

NEWS will appear at Music Station 15th January 2016, so far They will sing Touch
as I said before NEWS will be guesting for the 3rd time in KAT-TUN SCP and apparently based on KAT-TUN's Nakamaru J-web they will be doing NEW YEAR Sport Festival!!
I can't wait for this!!
and today is the premier of PINK and GREY! and tonight Shige's drama will start airing (hope someone sub the drama)
Btw, who's already watch Touch CM??
I can spazz all night with this cutesy of the CM!! www
My favorite scene are.... I don't know!!! I love all the scene but maybe massu and kei-chan will rank on the top...www (sorry shige&tego)
How about you guys? What's your favorite scene?? and have you see NEWS coordi-ing an outfit at nissen page? What's your favorite coordi?
My favorite cordi once again 1st Massu and 2nd Koyama since shige's and tego's coordi is too girly for me and I love denim skirt so yeah ^^
if you haven't watch it, go go click Nissen page
2016 NEWS start really with FULL SWING!!


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