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My fangirl life officially wreck by these two (in a good way)

officially fall deeper to Samejima Reiji after 2nd Episode last night
How can Ohno be so cute ???!!!

and who allow this guy smiling like this?? www

/cries in the corner 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

since it'll be full of spoiler, going to hide all under the cut


Lawyer or CEO )

anyway I can't wait to see more episodes of both drama
and currently I am only watching these two drama for this season xp
wonder what else I need to watch beside these drama?

well, enough for now
Jyaa nee~~~

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it's 15th September!!
So, I decided to make this anniversary post! (yay!!)


Wow it's been 16th Years from their debut!
Congratulations guys!

Although I am starting to be a fan of Arashi not from the start, I am so proud, thankful and happy that fate bring me to you guys...
There isn't other words that I want to say beside "Thank you"

Thank you Ohno Satoshi for being Arashi leader and always supporting all member from the back.
Keep on being our great Leader!!
Thank you Sakurai Sho for always be the spokeperson of Arashi and for every meaningful rap lyrics you create.
Keep on being our great Rapper!!
Thank you Aiba Masaki for every silly jokes and smile that you give to Arashi and us fans.
Keep on being our Smiling Sunshine!!
Thank you Ninomiya Kazunari for every meaningful songs you make for Arashi and for every songs you share to us.
Keep on being our Ninomiya!!
and the last but not least, without him Arashi will never complete
Thank you Matsumoto Jun for every little things and details you paid attention for Arashi and for every wonderful concert you lead.
Keep on being our MR. STOIC!!

and last Thank you for all the memories, for every inspiring song, for every smile, for every laugh, for every tears you guys give to us
and of course for always being ARASHI! 💙❤💚💛💜
From this moment too, let's keep on walking together !!!

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It's 30th August!!
yep it Matsujun birthday!!
Happy 32th Birthday MJ!!

Well, since it's J's Bday and he is sole reason why I am here and Why I like Arashi so I decide to make this post
Talking about Jun-kun of course this drama that introduce him to me
I first watch this drama in High School when no one in my class know about this.
I am so in love to this drama and starting to search more about Jun-kun and that's when I know about Arashi with 5 incredible, dorky, funny member.
I am always grateful the moment I encounter HanaDan...
Thank you for the hard work Jun~~
Thank you for all the memories~~
Have a blast birthday!!


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