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here I am sharing the full video of 1Hr music program mc-ed by Ogen-san (Hoshino Gen)

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and ENJOY ^^~
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Hey ho~~
I am here again sharing Sore Dame! with Massu as the studio guest
No kasumasu segment in this episode /too bad/

there is no update in the usual source I usually download this
so this version has slightly lower quality but it still in 720p ^^
I hope you guys don't mind xD
as usual locked in 30days
next Sore Dame episode with Massu is at 11/09
P.S : Chara Parade updated with 720p file ^^

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I don't know if many of you know it already.
Starting this October Chara Parade is the new regular show for Massu
Well this show is actually not new to Massu since he come as panelist for several times already (or I think it's almost every week already) and Massu also joined them in FNS 27Hr Terebi
Chara Parade is airing every Saturday 7PM JST at Fuji TV

Uta ga jouzu na yakiimoya-san )

I don't know how the arrangement will be, but this might mean Massu will have more collabo with other team too and he might also play as other character

pic © sai_wonder

Massu's Chara Profile [more HERE]
Name  : Makko-Chan
Profession  : Sweet Potato Seller
Address  : Kyoto
Age  : 30 years old
• Admire yakiimoya's song (sweet potato song), volunteered as an apprentice
• Sometimes being said looks like NEWS's Masuda-kun, but a complete stranger to Masuda-kun


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