Apr. 6th, 2017

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Hello guys~
as you all know about the fuss recently, LJ moving to Russia server and the new TOS
so I decided for the sake of the longevity of all videos I share, I backed up all videos to dreamwidth account like others

well, to be honest I still enjoy LJ very much, I still love their interface and it's far easier to use
I am not really concern over the route of my access here move to russia since I also stream japan video from russia base streaming site sometimes xp
I am not moving there permanently since all the communities still here. I will still cross-posting here and there
(I don't even know how things work there >_<)
but for a precaution and in case anything happen in the future

and I am changing my name there become abcdee51@DW, I have a habit to make different name for my account,
I hope you guys not confused, I also stated it at my profile
go Here to add me on DW, message me there what is your LJ name here if we already friends here, I'll definitely grant you an access xD

for new friends, you can still adding me here or at DW or both, I don't mind~
but don't forget to comment and introduce yourself xD

well then that's all for now~


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